PhycoTerra®Organic 2.5 Gallon Jug - PhycoTerra®

2.5 Gallon Jug

Unlock the full potential of your garden with PhycoTerra® Organic! Our OMRI-certified product uses the power of microalgae to feed and awaken the dormant beneficial microbes in your garden so they can go to work promoting soil health to help your vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and lawns thrive. PhycoTerra® Organic is a naturally sourced liquid, easy to apply, and can be used on all plants and all soil types.

Gardeners using PhycoTerra® Organic can expect the following benefits, all which help keep your garden healthy through drought or extreme temperatures during the growing season:

  • Improved soil structure
  • Increased water retention
  • Optimized nutrient availability
  • Improved garden vigor and productivity

For detailed product and label information, click here. SHAKE/AGITATE THOROUGHLY BEFORE USE

Not for sale in California or Florida. Includes free shipping in the USA.



Additional information

Mixing Instructions

Step 1: Pour half the product into tank solution.
Step 2: Re-cap jug and turn flat on its side. It is normal for there to be some sediment at the bottom of the jug.
Step 3: Shake side to side and back and forth vigorously for 15 seconds. This will help release sediment build up at bottom of jug.
Step 4: Empty remaining jug contents into tank solution.

Storage & Use

STORAGE RECOMMENDATIONS: For best results, it is recommended to keep this product in its original packaging until use and then used in its entirety after opening. For multiple use, the container should be sealed properly after each use and stored in a dry cool place. Avoid spillage as product may create a slip hazard.


Wear appropriate personal protective equipment to avoid skin and eye contact. Avoid breathing spray.

Ingestion: Rinse mouth thoroughly. Do not put any object in the mouth of an unconscious person. In case of any symptoms of poisoning, take the patient to the doctor and show the label.
Contact with the skin: Wash with plenty of water and soap.
Eye Contact: Flush eyes with plenty of water for 15 minutes.
Inhalation: Remove to fresh air.


Manufacturer and seller warrants only that this product conforms to the product description on this label. Manufacturer and seller make no other representation or warranty or guarantee, whether express or implied, or by usage or trade, statutory or otherwise, disclaims any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability, or eligibility of the product for any particular trade usage. Manufacturer and seller do not authorize any agent or representative to make any such warranty or guarantee to the extent permitted by law.

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