About Heliae - Phycoterra®

About Heliae

Creating Products to Change the World

Founded in 2008, we’re a leading food and agriculture tech company, hyper-focused on addressing climate change threats. Our mission is clear: to develop sustainable microalgae solutions that improve soil, plant, animal, and human health. For over 15 years, we’ve pioneered biological and technological platforms, pushing the boundaries of science and commercializing solutions for the challenges facing Earth in the next 50 years.

At Heliae, central to our approach is leveraging the power of microalgae, the fastest-growing photosynthesizing organism on the planet. We’ve discovered that microalgae holds a tiny but mighty key to unlocking solutions to feed and protect our planet. With food scarcity and soil degradation on the rise, our affordable and sustainable innovations with microalgae offer practical solutions and inspire hope with promising possibilities.

Restoring the Crop Microbiome

With our award-winning PhycoTerra® product line, we provide a microalgae “superfood” that feeds and activates the dormant native microbes found in and around a crop’s seed, soil, and leaves. Well-fed microbes are key to building soil health and healthier, more productive crops, proven by our extensive CRO trials. Our microalgae products not only support soil life but also benefit plants, animals, and humans.

Our Culture – Integrity and Innovation

Our world-class R&D team collaborates closely with innovators and growers worldwide to tailor our cutting-edge technology for immediate impact and long-term success. Our expertise in efficient, controlled growth processes and scalable production, exemplified by PhycoTerra®, enables us to provide proprietary growth platforms and fermentation capabilities for other companies in agriculture, nutrition, and beyond.

Leadership Team

Our corporate leadership team promotes excellence, integrity, responsibility, and innovation among all of our associates and creating a strong track record of repeatedly meeting or exceeding key milestones in building a dynamic technology company.

Heliae’s team has secured over one hundred million dollars of investment from strategic investors associated with some of the world’s most successful companies. Our team has employed these investments to develop a production facility that is producing multiple commercial products backed by significant ongoing research.

Eric Lichtenheld photo

Eric Lichtenheld
President & CEO

Barb Freund photo

Barb Freund
Chief Financial Officer

Russell Raymond photo

Russell Raymond
Chief Operating Officer

Chad Bush photo

Chad Bush
Vice President of North American Sales

Cassidy Million photo

Cassidy Million
Vice President of Ag Science

Matt Saunders photo

Matt Saunders
Vice President of Algal R&D

Janet Grams

Janet Grams
Director of Quality Assurance & Process Improvement

Erik Velkme

Erik Velkme
Director of Product Development & Regulatory Affairs

Francine Schlueter

Francine Schlueter
Director of Human Resources

Sara Talcott

Sara Talcott
Director of Marketing