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Wake Up Your Sleeping Giant: The Soil Microbiome

Your soil is made up of a community of microbes, like bacteria and fungi, called the microbiome. The soil microbiome does a variety of important jobs in your field to support the healthy growth of your crops, such as feeding them with nutrients. An active microbiome improves soil structure, water holding capacity, nutrient uptake, and plant resilience. But, a microbiome cannot be active without a proper food source like microalgae, meaning much of the microbiome is lying dormant and unable to do its job.

Protecting Your Most Important Asset

There are 1 billion bacteria and 1 million fungi in a single teaspoon of soil on your farm, but many of those microbes — the organisms responsible for helping your crops grow — lack a proper food source. That means your soil isn’t providing your crops with all the nutrients it could be or retaining the water it needs to grow healthy crops. Learn how to wake up the microbes in your soil and reap the benefits of healthier yields.

Microalgae: A Superior Food Source for Microbes

Microalgae are organisms that are invisible to the naked eye, but play an important role in our ecosystems — and planet. These single-celled plants form the base of our food system and produce half the oxygen in the atmosphere. Certain microalgae are an ideal food source for the soil microbiome, nourishing the bacteria and fungi in the soil that make plants grow. That makes those microalgae a natural, sustainable way to boost the health of your soil and garner higher crop yields.

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Microalgae serve as a superior food source for the microbiome and puts it back to work supporting crop growth.

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The soil microbiome is a community of microbes that lives in your soil and helps nourish your crops.

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PhycoTerra® is a portfolio of soil microbial food products sourced from microalgae that activates the soil microbiome by feeding soil microbes.


Heliae® Agriculture has discovered the microalgae to which the soil microbiome best responds in PhycoTerra®, a microalgal product that activates the soil and fosters healthy crops. Sourced from nature and developed by a company committed to sustainable agriculture, PhycoTerra® is an innovative, renewable resource that helps farmers and growers work toward healthier crops and a healthier world.

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We are Heliae® Agriculture

PhycoTerra® products are developed and produced by Heliae® Agriculture, specializes in microalgal technology, soil, and crop science. Heliae Development, LLC, began at Arizona State University, where soil scientists studied the benefits of different microbial strains that promoted plant growth in the desert soil. Now, we are bringing that expertise to the agriculture industry to promote healthy soil and sustainable agriculture practices.

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