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Food Agriculture Technology

The Science that Saves the World

We explore microalgae opportunities in food, agriculture, and nutrition because of the rising needs for ingredients from the plant-based food industry and the urgent need for crop and soil improvements, which we can meet with our improving capabilities in low cost production. We focus on product development and commercialization, while leveraging external partnerships with global innovators.

Heliae is a leading sustainable and regenerative food and agriculture organization, producing impactful products by identifying, refining and employing biological and technological platforms. Once the biological platform has been selected, Heliae moves on to the technology platform, which is composed of two major components: the growth system and downstream processing. Our unique capabilities to improve the growth process with proprietary technology have allowed us to create the hub for harnessing the power of microalgae.

Our Products

PhycoTerra® products are developed and produced by Heliae® Agriculture, specializes in microalgal technology, soil, and crop science. Heliae is unique, not only for our dedication to providing the technology needed to create world saving solutions, but we stand out from the competition because of our proprietary protection on our discoveries. We have invented ways to provide innovators the tools to be successful, whether improving soil for today’s yield and future generations, or providing sustainable ingredients at an affordable cost for up-scale production; our dedication to microalgae and a regenerative future have the passion and patents setting them apart.

Bringing Lab To Market

There is a shift in controlled and large-scale production needs in the US and international markets. This transition is transforming the need to create scale-up growth platforms and will create more opportunities for start-ups looking for cost effective platforms. Consumers are more conscious; they are changing the demand of what is needed for ingredients. With our products in the agriculture and future food markets, we will meet those demands for farmers and innovators everywhere. We will also assist others in their journey of production. The microalgae industry is relatively new, and Heliae is providing cutting edge technology that supplies the missing parts for creating a successful commercialization platform.

Regenerative Solutions Through Soil Health

We have been building a foundation for a regenerative future for the past decade and now we are moving forward to put the tools in place for better food, agriculture, and the environment. We believe that a regenerative future begins with soil.

Healthy soil, with intact root systems, can hold huge amounts of carbon. Agriculture is unique in its ability to both reduce emissions, through sustainable farming practices, and capture them, through carbon sequestration. Just one square meter of rich soil can harbor as many as 1 billion organisms. At Heliae our goal is to harness those organisms to support regenerative agriculture and help hold nutrients, fight erosion, and limit the need for chemicals. A healthy soil microbiome creates a healthy crop and in turn a healthy food choice.

Heliae is constantly developing, employing, and refining agriculture technologies that make obtaining useful products from microalgae and similar biological platforms a reality. Algae and other microbials are an incredibly diverse and complex set of organisms that have evolved over millions of years to thrive in incredibly variable ecosystems. Microalgae offer the promise of an alternative source of thousands of compounds useful in a wide variety of fields, from nutrition to fuel and from environmental clean-up to providing new sources of industrial materials. A critical component of Heliae’s core mission is to create sustainable and regenerative agriculture products and solutions that enhance soil, plant, animal, and human health.