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Get a fast start on regenerative agriculture, learn how with just one application of PhycoTerra® you can start building soil health. At Heliae Agriculture we are delivering solutions to growers to make regenerative agriculture possible today.
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Agriculture has evolved through the ages. Since the beginning, we’ve relied on the soil to store and provide water and nutrients for crops and serve as a structural base for root growth. Conservation efforts have been vital to our farms. But the prevailing attitude was to protect and save what was there. Soil was regarded generally as a limited resource as formation rates for 1 inch of topsoil is beyond the span of several human lifetimes. Currently, many of the world’s soils are in a degraded state, but there is opportunity to restore, or regenerate them. We have the tools that can help you improve your farming operation without a capital expense or major change in your practices.

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We believe regenerative agriculture is an opportunity and responsibility for us all. We provide tools needed to increase crop yields and quality, and build soil carbon. Our soil microbe food, PhycoTerra® is sourced from nature and drives yield and quality by activating soil microbes. PhycoTerra® is the first agriculture product from Heliae. It’s revolutionary because it’s not a plant fertilizer; it rather is a superfood for microbes that stimulates rapid growth of beneficial microbes.

PhycoTerra Logo Petals


Regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to agriculture which focuses on improving and revitalizing soil health. We must produce crops to feed people, while restoring and rebuilding the soil and improving the environment for people and the planet. It’s the next step in the pursuit of farming that goes beyond just sustainability – rather it looks to improve the health of our soils, our communities and our earth.

It is no surprise that soil is the key to regenerative agriculture. The goal should be to retain the soil we have, improve the soil that remains, and restore the soil we have lost. It is possible to add significant organic matter and improve soil beyond its original state. We pioneered the understanding of how a balanced soil microbiome improves resilience, plant vigor, and marketable yields even under stressed conditions.


Microbes are a key indicator of soil health. They may live only days, but accomplish much in a short span. They are essential to the soil system impacting structure, water, fertility, and resilience. So, at Heliae Agriculture we focus on improving soil health by improving soil microbes. Our products improve the relative abundance of beneficial microbes by as much as three times. Plants will benefit directly from increased bio-available nutrients and the environmental improvements include less erosion, with better water management. The result is better crops and a better environment.

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