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Wake Up Your Sleeping Giant

Discover the Superior Food Source for Your Soil Microbiome


75% of microbes in your soil are starving and dormant. Wake them up — and grow more crops with PhycoTerra® soil microbial food products.

A Superior Food Source for Your Soil

Your soil microbiome is a community of microbes, like bacteria and fungi, that does a variety of important jobs in your field to support the healthy growth of your crop. But, most of those microbes lack a proper food source. That means the microbes in your soil can’t do their jobs — jobs like giving your crops the nutrients they need or keeping water in the soil. PhycoTerra® branded products, sourced from nature, are microalgae that nourishes the microbes in your soil to help improve soil structure, soil function, microbial activity, and plant stress that create a stronger crop yield.

In other words, PhycoTerra® branded products are a superior food choice that wakes up the microbiome and puts your soil back to work. Our family of products also include a microalgae seed treatment and an Organic soil microbial food.

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Healthy Soil, Healthy Crops

In PhycoTerra® branded products, Heliae® Agriculture has discovered the types of microalgae to which the microbiome best responds to help your soil — and therefore, your crops — reach its greatest potential. Farms that have used PhycoTerra® products have experienced measurable improvements in water holding capacity, which results in less wind and water erosion, better water productivity, and a higher marketable crop yield.


Regenerative Food & Agriculture: Rebuilding the Soil, Nurturing Our World.

Made from a natural, renewable resource (microalgae) that facilitates healthier land, PhycoTerra® products help farmers incorporate sustainable — and regenerative — agriculture practices. While some methods deplete the soil of resources, the microalgae in PhycoTerra® product feeds it and makes nutrients more readily available. With PhycoTerra® products, farmers and growers can work to rebuild the land as it yields more crops. Practices like this, including organic production, cover crops and no-till or reduced tillage, are known as regenerative agriculture, a method of farming that goes beyond sustainable.


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