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PhycoTerra® Soil Microbial Foods

Improve Soil Health on Your Farm

PhycoTerra® products use the power of microalgae to build up your soil’s health and quality by feeding the beneficial microbes in your soil.

75% of soil microbes are dormant and inactive. Native beneficial microbes do important work for your soil and your crop, including improving soil structure, increasing water holding capacity, and optimizing nutrient mineralization. When they’re starving, or better understood as asleep, they cannot do these critical jobs to help you maximize yield potential.

PhycoTerra® soil microbial food provides a food source for these microbes to wake them up and put them to work for your crop. Well-fed beneficial microbes, such as fungi and bacteria, improve your soil and crop yield by increasing water and nutrient uptake. They also help support your crop through abiotic stress during the season.

You know your land. We know your soil. Realize your farm’s full potential with PhycoTerra® soil microbial foods and seed treatment.

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Wake up Microbes Throughout the Entire Season


*Post-harvest residue management approved in the USA only.

PhycoTerra® Features

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Activates dormant microbes

Boosts microbial activity up to 33X in all soil types and optimizes NPK availability

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on-farm results

Improves water holding capacity up to 10% and increases crop yields.

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Compatible with other crop inputs and features shelf-life of up to 2 years.

PhycoTerra® is not a fertilizer, foreign microbe or biostimulant.

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