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PhycoTerra® innovates crop yield and quality by providing the benefits of microalgae to the microbiome for improving the soil microbiome. We have demonstrated benefits in a variety of crops, regions, and soils. Working directly with growers, we collaborated to bring you PhycoTerra® and PhycoTerra® Organic, first-in-class soil amendments.


Our products are pasteurized, and batch tested on every order for maximum safety, exceeding the quality levels established by the leafy green initiative. This proprietary technology has been proven on more than 40 soil grown crops.
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PhycoTerra® Organic Product


Though our product is sustainable, we wanted to go even further and provide a 100% organic option. PhycoTerra® Organic is our OMRI Listed® and CDFA Registered soil amendment for organic farms. Working directly with the growers across the U.S. we have created a product that can be applied cost effectively by multiple ground application methods.

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PhycoTerra® Conventional Product


Improving soil structure, our microalgae technology helps soil retain moisture and improve drainage of all soil types. Soil aggregates become flocculated allowing for better water infiltration, soil drainage, and root growth. Unlike other agriculture products on the market, ours works to restore the natural quality of beneficial soil and balance the overall soil ecosystem.

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