Starting Off Right: Improving Early Crop Performance with the Seed Microbiome

In our upcoming webinar in partnership with CropLife, Dr. Karl Wyant, Vice President of Ag Science at Heliae Agriculture, will discuss the important relationship between the crop seed and the surrounding microbiome.  This area, termed the spermosphere, is a small, short lived zone around the seed that has an enormous impact on early plant development, crop yield and quality.  Dr. Wyant will discuss the specifics behind the seed and microbiome relationship and how the seed “pays” for microbial “work” belowground.  Furthermore, Dr. Wyant will showcase how a new microbial food product, PhycoTerra® ST, can energize the spermosphere and help your crop start off right.                                                   

Approved CEUs:
Crop Management: 0.5

September 17th
11:00 a.m. MST

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