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As a manufacturer, our commitment is to focus on research and trials to provide improved sustainable solutions. We understand what growers need. On campus we have labs, greenhouses, scientists, and researchers that have a deep understanding of how and why our products work. We create superior and unique products to the market that help solve the issues growers are facing world wide. Heliae Agriculture has worked with top universities, top crop research advisors, and some of the best growers in the country to test PhycoTerra® and determine best application rates and methods. We have specific best application practices on more than 40 crops and soil types. Our goal is to make your improve the soil microbiome in ways that streamline the application process to deliver fast benefits.
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We have completed hundreds of successful trials nationwide, focusing on a variety of crops, soil types, and crop stressors. Through these trials we have seen results that prove when added to the soil, PhycoTerra® enhances the marketable yield value, benefits the soil through increased active carbon and water efficiency, creates fruits and vegetables with a sweeter taste. After harvest, produce will have a longer shelf life. All while providing a natural resilience to crop stressors.

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Not only do we maintain research on our campus, on grower fields nationwide, but we have rigorously tested PhycoTerra® with multiple universities for validations through field and greenhouse trials. The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, Middle Tennessee State University, Iowa State University and Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture are to name a few of the accredited organizations. Our products have been proven on more than 40 soil grown crops.

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