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PhycoTerra® Approved for Use in Mexico

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Heliae® Agriculture expansion to promote soil health globally with key US agricultural trade partner

Nov. 16, 2021, PHOENIX – Heliae® Agriculture, an algal tech company specializing in scalable regenerative agriculture solutions, announced today that its flagship product, PhycoTerra® soil microbial food, has been approved for use in Mexico. PhycoTerra® is an intricately balanced formula sourced from nature, specifically produced to feed the active and dormant beneficial microbes already native in soil.

“Launching in Mexico is exciting for the PhycoTerra® family of products, as well as for soil health worldwide,” said Norm Davy, CRO at Heliae. “As one of the historic cradles of agriculture and a top food producer globally, Mexico is an excellent market to utilize our product to tackle agricultural challenges in a diverse range of climates, crops, and soil types.”

Agriculture is a significant driver of Mexico’s economy, with exports of nearly $29 billion in 2019, and 62 million acres (24 million hectares) of land designated for agricultural use. Mexico is the world’s 12 th largest food producer, and global demands on their agricultural industry continue to grow. The expansion of PhycoTerra® into Mexico is especially important for U.S. grocers sourcing fresh produce and ingredients from Mexico – given the sustainable benefits the product delivers to the field, improving soil health, and water holding capacity while increasing yield.

Heliae’s partners in Mexico, which include SL Agricola, are eager to utilize PhycoTerra® to maximize yield and ROI in their growers’ fields while keeping sustainability and quality top of mind.

“We are a company with an emphasis on social responsibility and sustainable actions,” said Ing. Selman Tachna Felix, owner of SL Agricola. “New innovations in agriculture and soil health are extremely important to us, and to all of Mexico’s agricultural community.”

“We have seen the trial results of PhycoTerra® in broadacre and specialty crops that are integral parts of Mexico’s global agricultural trade,” said Ing. Jorge Luis Angulo Rendon, Lead Agronomist at SL Agricola. “We know this technology will help growers across our country revitalize their native soils, succeed in their fields and be able to better participate in lucrative export markets.”

Mexico is one of the top ten producers globally of corn, citrus and sugarcane, with annual production totaling over 80 million tons. Recent drought and limited irrigation have decreased soil moisture in Mexico, creating a negative impact on these crops in the last year. The ability to increase the water productivity of soil is crucial for Mexico’s agricultural community and economy as these abiotic stresses continue. PhycoTerra® soil microbial food has consistent win rates across trials in these key crops, with returns on investment of 5:1, 23:1 and 21:1, respectively.

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