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How to increase Watermelon Yield and Build Soil Health with PhycoTerra®

You may be asking, “how do you increase watermelon yields through regenerative and sustainable practices?” Heliae® Agriculture provides the solutions: the practices and products growers need to produce consistently improve watermelon yields—even under growing stress—while building soil health and quality.


PhycoTerra® and PhycoTerra® Organic, a sustainable and regenerative agriculture product, change the soil health opportunities growers have at their disposal. And both products can be readily deployed on a field to help improve soil health and soil quality.


Heliae® research shows that the application of either product will help improve the soil microbiome by providing the super food source microorganisms need to flourish, creating soil aggregates which lead to the improvement of soil structure and water holding capacity.

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Research Trial Demonstrated Increased Yield of 39% for Watermelon Growth

At Heliae® Agriculture, we continue to invest in technology and research central to our core mission of creating effective, sustainable and regenerative products for growers around the world while enhancing the health of soil, plants, animals and humans, alike.


In a recent research study, PhycoTerra® significantly improved marketable yields above grower standard in both chile arbol and jalapeño pepper crops. The addition of PhycoTerra® to the growing programs provided the superfood needed to build and foster a productive soil microbiome to provide high return on investment in both improved soil health and marketable pepper yields.

ANOVA - All treatments significant at p<0.05

Watermelon Yield Per Acre

In a separate study, PhycoTerra® equips watermelon plants for sustained performance under stress


  • PhycoTerra® 4 drip applications at 1 gal/acre, 5 days prior to transplant
  • Once every 3 weeks except during flowering (3 total), 4 gal/acre total


The Proof is in the Pictures…

Consistent application of PhycoTerra® at a rate of 1 gal/acre created a 10% yield advantage and fuller canopy at first harvest even in extreme heat. Note: extreme heat destroyed later harvests in this trial.

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Untreated Control


Performance Guarantee

We stand behind our performance. We’re working to improve profitability and soil health while promoting regenerative agriculture!

At Heliae Agriculture, we understand there are many challenges farmers and their trusted advisors face when considering something new, including PhycoTerra® for increased watermelon yield per acre. Whether it is a product that’s new to them like PhycoTerra® or a new approach to farming like regenerative agriculture.


To help introduce PhycoTerra® products to new growers, we developed the PhycoTerra® Product Performance Guarantee.


The benefits of PhycoTerra® are greatest in your challenging fields. Fields where soil organic matter is low…where abiotic and biotic stress are high…and where crops just aren’t as resilient as they should be. Use PhycoTerra® to help make your average fields perform more like your best-yielding fields.

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