Soybeans Trial Results | Raveena, NE, USA | 2020

Soybeans Result

Raveena, Nebraska, USA | 2020

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Trial Information

Trial Type
Raveena, NE, USA
Soil Type
Silt Loam
Organic Matter
Planting/Harvest Info
June - October 2020
Moisture Index
Abnormally Dry
Agricultural Practices
Strip Till
Other Information

Products Featured in Trial

PhycoTerra® ST (Seed Treatment)

Our award-winning seed treatment feeds the soil and the seed microbiomes that improve soil quality and structure, creating an environment to support the soybeans crop with germination, stand establishment, early vigor – which all lead to optimized yield.

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Trial Results

Grower Standard
Agricultural Practices:
Strip Till
Average Yield
68 bu/acre
PhycoTerra® ST
5 fl oz/CWT
Seed treatment
Average Yield
70 bu/acre
Yield Change ROI
+3% 8:01

*Error bars represent one standard deviation from the mean. Significance tested using LSMeans Dunnett (α=0.1).
ROI calculated based on local market price, at time of harvest.