Global Interdependence Center features Eric Lichtenheld and others.

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PhycoTerra Assisting Global Agriculture Today
PhycoTerra Assisting Global Agriculture Today

With global climate change and challenges as a backdrop, Heliae Development, LLC, President and CEO, Eric Lichtenheld spoke at The Global Interdependence Center (GIC) during their delegation to Mexico City. The two-day delegation program involved meetings with central banking, government and business leaders as well as a full day public conference with Banco de Mexico which included the participation of Charles Evans the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and the Governor of the Central Bank of Mexico Alejandro Diaz de Leon.

Lichtenheld spoke on the immediate threats facing the future of agriculture in a joint session with Jorge Fenyvesi, CEO of Nature Source Improved Plants. Lichtenheld brought his expertise from guiding Heliae in the development of cutting-edge technologies in microalgae for regenerative agriculture practices.

“With a constantly growing population and overall food production needs, we must urgently assist growers worldwide on the implementation of regenerative agriculture practices,” said Lichtenheld. “At Heliae, our goal is to harness those organisms, enlisting powerful nature-based allies in the fight against low crop yields and the climate changes behind them. The benefits are clear — a healthy soil microbiome creates a healthy crop and in turn a healthy food density.”

Lichtenheld was invited to the GIC mission by Afina International, Heliae’s international business development partner whose Chief Strategy Officer Benjamin Leavenworth serves on the GIC Board. Leavenworth commented, “Eric brought valuable insights regarding the role that Heliae’s technology in microalge is playing in solving some of the most pressing problems of the world especially around food and water.”

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Heliae’s agriculture division is solely focused on improving soil health by feeding the soil microbes with their microalgae product, PhycoTerra®. PhycoTerra® is being used on acres through the US, Mexico and South America to great effect.

During Lichtenheld’s visit to Mexico City, he engaged in public and private meetings with the Banco de Mexico, the Mexican Stock Exchange, and SURA Mexico, the largest pension fund manager in Latin America with the intent to create and or marshall more support from all corners of business.

GIC was established in 1976 and is headquartered inside the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. GIC provides a neutral forum for the exchange of divergent perspectives through its domestic and International programming. They engage experts to identify emerging economic, social and political issues vital to the interdependent global community; organize country and region-specific meetings, missions, conference and briefings among governments, business, academic and nonprofit organizations; and share information and research with the public and with policymakers worldwide.

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