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Sustainable innovations are the future of agriculture . . . and that includes seed treatments! Major progress is on the horizon when it comes to the use of microalgae in seed treatments, and Heliae® Agriculture is leading the pack. Our new seed treatment, PhycoTerra® ST, has just received the 2021 Product of the Year Award by the Algae Biomass Organization (ABO).

Algae and microalgae are a fast-growing, sustainable resource. ABO is a trade organization that promotes the power of algae and algae-based products to meet the challenges of our planet’s most pressing problems today – from fuel, to food, to agriculture. ABO holds the world’s largest algae conference, the Algae Biomass Summit, every year to promote thought leadership and showcase algal innovations that are changing our world.

ABO announced the winners of their 2021 Algae Industry Awards. The awards honor outstanding leaders, companies and innovations making a difference not only in the algae industry, but in the world at large. The Product of the Year Award specifically recognizes an innovation produced with algal technology that has made a significant impact in its markets.

PhycoTerra® ST is the result of over 13 years of research – our product is specifically produced to target and feed the microbes that live on and around seeds, which play a critical role in germination and stand establishment. We are proud that our newest product has delivered results for growers all over the globe thanks to an incredible shelf life, excellent mixability and microalgal technology.

In recent third-party trials, PhycoTerra® ST delivered increased ROI and yields across corn (ROI 67:1 and +10.2 bushels per acre), soybeans (ROI 21:1 and +2.4 bushels per acre), and wheat (ROI 13:1 and +4.9 bushels per acre). Check out more PhycoTerra® ST crop trial results here. 

Interested in the science behind it all? Learn more about our unique mode of action with our webinars.

Thank you, ABO for recognizing PhycoTerra® ST as an innovator in the sustainable agriculture field!