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sugar cane crop
sugar cane crop

We’re pleased to announce that our PhycoTerra® soil microbial food has officially been launched in Mexico! This is an exciting time for Heliae® Agriculture as we continue to support agricultural communities worldwide and promote soil health globally.

Agriculture is a significant driver of Mexico’s economy, with 62 million acres of land being designated for agriculture in 2019 (La Encuesta Nacional Agropecuaria). Mexico is a top food producer globally and an important trade partner with the United States, with agricultural exports totaling $28 billion to the U.S. alone (USTR). U.S. grocers especially rely on Mexico’s export of fresh fruits, vegetables and other ingredients, demand of which rose in both 2020 and 2021. (The Economist) (USDA)

PhycoTerra® soil microbial food is the first of our product portfolio to be approved for use in the Mexico agricultural market. Because the agricultural industry in Mexico is made up of an especially diverse range of crops, soils, and growing climates, PhycoTerra® is an excellent match for the country’s needs, as its unique mode of action confers benefits across crop and soil types.

Consistent Microbial Response Across Soil Types

The drought, floods and rising temperatures that are becoming more frequent across the globe have been challenging Mexican growers for years. Recent drought and limited irrigation have decreased soil moisture in Mexico, creating a negative impact on several crops in the last year, including corn, citrus, and sugarcane.

North American Drought Monitor: Mexico

North American Drought Monitor Mexico
North American Drought Monitor

These crops, which account for over 80 million tons of production, are integral to Mexico’s economy, as well as the global economy – Mexico is one of the top ten producers on the planet. PhycoTerra® soil microbial food, which optimizes NPK availability and increases the soil’s water holding capacity, has consistent win rates across trials in these key crops, with returns on investment of 5:1, 23:1 and 21:1, respectively*:

Consistent Microbial Response Across Soil Types
*PhycoTerra® crop trial result summaries, property of Heliae® Agriculture

“The benefits of PhycoTerra® are crucial for growers in Mexico right now,” said Edgard Jauregui, Heliae® Agriculture’s Senior Manager of Agricultural Science for Latin America. “Not only for yield, which is important, but for soil health as well. Regenerative and sustainable agriculture is becoming more important in Mexico as the country seeks to boost its economy, revitalize its native soils, and meet the demands of food companies looking to meet their sustainability initiatives. Our partners in Mexico, such as SL Agricola, are excited not only to help growers across the country thrive in the export market by increasing yields but doing so sustainably as well.”

Are you a grower interested in what PhycoTerra® can do for your crops? Explore our crop trial results.