Guarantee - PhycoTerra®

We Stand Behind Our Performance

PhycoTerra® branded products support soil health and increase water productivity.

We even created a Product Performance Guarantee program to prove it. Here’s how it works:

Who Qualifies: Growers who purchased an eligible PhycoTerra® product.

Eligible Products: PhycoTerra® or PhycoTerra® Organic soil microbial food products are eligible.

How to Qualify:

  1. Enroll each field in the form below, including the agronomic plan and shape files for the field plot. Must be done within 45 days after to application. Each field must be enrolled separately for proper product performance evaluation and to qualify.
  2. Use an eligible PhycoTerra® soil microbial food product on a portion of your acres. The ONLY difference allowed between the untreated and treated parts of the field is the application of a PhycoTerra® product. All other treatments must be exactly the same.* The sections of the field must have similar soil types.
  3. Capture comparison images at application, soon after application, mid-season, pre-harvest crop comparison photos of treated and untreated acres. Make sure to track your harvest measurements (yield, composition, and quality) and share with your local Heliae® Ag Sales Manager.
  4. Compare results at harvest from both treated and untreated acres, including yield and crop quality. If our product doesn’t perform, you are eligible to receive the value of the product you purchased back.

THIS IS NOT CROP INSURANCE. The PhycoTerra® Performance Guarantee only covers the amount of PhycoTerra® or PhycoTerra® Organic soil microbial food products you purchased for this particular trial  it does not cover any other costs or losses. *Does not apply to BetterSoil Alliance fields. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

PhycoTerra® branded products support soil health and increase water productivity.

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