At HeliaeTM Agriculture, we are proud to produce quality microalgae products for a variety of sustainable soil solutions. PhycoTerra® is powered by innovative microalgae that boosts the soil microbiome naturally. When added to the soil, PhycoTerra® enhances the marketable yield value and benefits the soil through increased active carbon and water efficiency. It creates fruits and vegetables with a sweeter taste and after harvest, produce will have a longer shelf life. All while providing a natural resilience to crop stressors. PhycoTerra® and PhycoTerra® Organic are sustainably produced soil microbial food, that unlike other agriculture products, work to restore the natural quality of the soil and balance in the overall soil ecosystem.


It’s HeliaeTM Agriculture‘s mission to deliver solutions to growers to make regenerative agriculture possible today and we believe soil is the key. It’s where your crops start. It’s what determines to a large degree the outcome. In order to build our soils up, we first must take steps to save what we have, improve our soils and replace what we have lost. PhycoTerra® is the first agriculture product from Heliae. It’s revolutionary because it’s not a plant fertilizer, it rather is a superfood for microbes stimulates rapid growth of beneficial microbes.


PhycoTerra® Soil Microbe Food is an innovative crop technology that pays dividends for both the crop as well as the soil. To see the total benefit, watch how your crop gets off to a vigorous early start with improved uniformity. This sets the stage for larger and more numerous peppers. All of this leads to larger yields. This is an example of what a 2X-3X increase in beneficial soil microbes can do for your pepper crop when using with PhycoTerra® as a soil microbe food.
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Soil Microbe Food

PhycoTerra® is a whole cell, pasteurized, microalgae-based product that is delivering solid value to conventional growers. It is applied cost effectively by multiple ground application methods. Unlike other agriculture products on the market, ours works to restore the natural quality of the soil microbiome and balance the overall soil ecosystem.

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Organic Farming

PhycoTerra® Organic is a proprietary whole-cell pasteurized liquid product for organic production/organic gardening produced from open microalgae cultures. PhycoTerra® Organic provides organic matter to the soil and helps improve the soil microbiome and aggregation. It is OMRI Listed® and CDFA Certified soil amendment for organic farms.

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