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PhycoTerra® Soil Amendment Provides Soil Health Solutions

Head Lettuce Yields 111 Cartons More

ROI of 7:1 on yield increase alone, var. Quest Chular, CA.

PhycoTerra® increased head lettuce yield by 71 cartons/acre above grower standard in a Salinas, CA trial. Trial results indicate the measurable soil health improvements achieved when PhycoTerra® Soil Amendment is applied in leafy greens production.

We Provide More Than Just Yield Benefits, We Also Help Reduce Salt Stress on Your Leafy Greens

Reduce Salt Stress on Leafy Greens

*sig. advantage over untreated control according to T-test (p<0.05)

For those who can attain improved soil quality and biological productivity, research shows a positive impact on leafy green yields.  For example, Knight et al., (2012) report that lettuce dry biomass was positively correlated with several indicators of improved soil health and quality (e.g., soil organic matter %, among others) in soil systems that have received considerable disturbance.

To facilitate soil health in lettuce production and the production of other leafy greens, Heliae’s product family, PhycoTerra® and PhycoTerra® Organic, provide a microbial superfood and can be readily deployed on your field to help improve soil health and soil quality today. Heliae research shows that application of PhycoTerra® products can help improve the soil microbiome by providing a labile food source which can lead to improvements in soil structure and water holding capacity.

Performance Guarantee

We stand behind our performance. We’re working to improve profitability and soil health while promoting regenerative agriculture!

At Heliae Agriculture we understand there are many challenges farmers and their trusted advisors face when considering something new. Whether it is a product that’s new to them like PhycoTerra® or a new approach to farming like regenerative agriculture.


To help introduce PhycoTerra® products to new growers, we developed the PhycoTerra® Product Performance Guarantee.


The benefits of PhycoTerra® are greatest in your challenging fields. Fields where soil organic matter is low…where abiotic and biotic stress are high…and where crops just aren’t as resilient as they should be. Use PhycoTerra® to help make your average fields perform more like your best-yielding fields.

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