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Use PhycoTerra® to Boost Broccoli and Cauliflower Yields

Research Trials Conducted in Yuma, AZ Reveal the Marked Soil Health and Yield Improvement Gained Through the Application of PhycoTerra® or PhycoTerra® Organic.

2018 Broccoli Trial in Yuma, AZ


Broccoli and cauliflower yields improved significantly when PhycoTerra® was applied. A 1-quart per acre application boosted yields by as much as 15%, while a 2-quart per acre application rate optimized yields by 19%.

Nutrient cycling, with increased calcium and nitrogen uptake by the plants, was also improved with the addition of PhycoTerra®.

PhycoTerra® produced both cauliflower and broccoli heads that performed and yielded above grower standard.

PhycoTerra® Helps Maintain Soil Health and Increase Yields

Maintaining soil health within a commercial broccoli or cauliflower operation is challenging. Common production model practices such as tillage, bed listing and fumigation reduces biological activity, and crop production regulations make it difficult to incorporate many of the recognized soil quality and capacity building practices.

PhycoTerra® and PhycoTerra® Organic improve the soil health opportunities growers have at their disposal. Both provide the microbial superfood needed to attract and maintain a diverse colonization of microbial activity—the foundation of soil health— that create the soil aggregates needed to improve soil structure and water holding capacity.

And both products can be readily deployed on a field at any time to provide measurable soil health and soil quality almost immediately.

Broccoli Benefits with 24:1 ROI

Packing out 202 cartons of heads/acres yield increase Variety: Maverick Salinas, CA Side Dress 4 qt/ac + Foliar 4 qt/ac



See the Consistent Quality Increase PhycoTerra® Makes


The greener color of the broccoli heads is from PhycoTerra® fields. The paler green is from the grower standard.

P = PhycoTerra® C = Control


The Proof is in the Research

PhycoTerra® Soil Amendment performance was recently tested at two different rates in a broccoli production system near Yuma, AZ on soils with both low natural fertility and excessive drainage.

Despite these challenges, the application of PhycoTerra® with a common orthophosphate starter mix improved yields by ~14% (1 qt./ac) and ~17% (2 qt./acre) compared to the grower standard.

Soil quality, improved by PhycoTerra®, increases crop yield and resilience to growing challenges.

Broccoli Returns Per Acre Top 50:1 - Yuma, AZ Rositas Sand

Application Method

  • One-time transplant drench


The PhycoTerra Advantage:

Yield increased 19%, producing 5,390 lbs/acre over Grower Standard.

Performance Guarantee

We stand behind our performance. We’re working to improve profitability and soil health while promoting regenerative agriculture!

At Heliae Agriculture we understand there are many challenges farmers and their trusted advisors face when considering something new. Whether it is a product that’s new to them like PhycoTerra® or a new approach to farming like regenerative agriculture.


To help introduce PhycoTerra® products to new growers, we developed the PhycoTerra® Product Performance Guarantee.


The benefits of PhycoTerra® are greatest in your challenging fields. Fields where soil organic matter is low…where abiotic and biotic stress are high…and where crops just aren’t as resilient as they should be. Use PhycoTerra® to help make your average fields perform more like your best-yielding fields.

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