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With all that uncertainty, we want you to know that you can count on Heliae products to perform, and we back them up with a performance guarantee.
PhycoTerra Product Guarantee Vegetable Farm


At Heliae® Agriculture we understand there are many factors in agriculture that are out of your control and we want to help. With all that uncertainty, we want you to know that you can count on Heliae products to perform, and we back them up with a product performance guarantee. The guarantee is simple; use PhycoTerra® or PhycoTerra® Organic on your crops this coming season and if you don’t get increased performance (quantity and/or quality), at least enough to cover the cost of the PhycoTerra® or PhycoTerra® Organic, we’ll cover the product(s) cost. We’re serious about being in this together and working to ensure you get the maximum return on investment. Meeting these qualifying criteria not only gives you peace of mind; it gives you the opportunity to optimize your return on investing with Heliae® Agriculture.

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PhycoTerra® Improves Crop Performance


The products must be used on new acres, those not currently treated with PhycoTerra® or PhycoTerra® Organic.


Complete the on-line enrollment form and we will inform your participating Ag Retailer Salesperson and Heliae® Agriculture Sales Representative.


An untreated check plot/strip per field (setup according to typical industry standards for that specific crop) will be necessary for each treated field, and must be representative of entire field conditions. Size and total number of check plots per field/per grower to be determined on a case by case basis between Retailer, Grower, and Heliae® Agriculture Sales Representative.


Check plot and treated acres must receive same fertilizer applications only difference being the PhycoTerra® and/or PhycoTerra® Organic. Submit results from accepted standard yield and quality testing procedures by crop.

PhycoTerra Results with Marketable Yield


All growers participating in the Heliae® Agriculture Performance Guarantee can be eligible for Product Performance Contest prizes.


The five growers with the highest percentage increase, and their retail salesperson will receive a prize.


To be eligible for contest prizes growers must meet all performance Guarantee Qualifying criteria, and must submit a photo of crop development. Due dates vary by crop, see Heliae Representative for details.


By participating in the Product Performance Contest, grower gives Heliae® Agriculture permission to use submitted information and photographs in marketing and promotional materials.


Prizes for 5 Highest Increases

All 5 growers and their retail salesperson will each receive a
75qt OrcaTM Cooler (valued at $385).

Terms & Conditions

Program effective period: August 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020. Completed enrollment forms must be sent in to Heliae® Agriculture no later than March 31, 2020. Strawberries by October 31, 2020. Almonds by October 21, 2020. Citrus, Cherry and Apple Trees by October 21, 2020.
If the field is double cropped and only one fertilizer application applied, then both crops will be added together for yield benefit. Return on investment (ROI) will be determined using local market prices on day of harvest. In the event of a verified claim, the participating retailer will provide the grower with a credit for the cost of the PhycoTerra® or PhycoTerra® Organic used or an equivalent amount of a free product the following crop season. Any claim must be submitted with all supporting information by March 31, 2020. If the grower’s crop is impacted by factors beyond Heliae® Agriculture’s control (such as war, labor disputes (including strikes and lockouts), civil disorders, governmental acts, epidemics, quarantines, embargoes, fires, earthquakes, storms, pests, disease, drought, hail, or other acts of God) or if you fail to provide normal and customary care of your crops consistent with good agricultural practices for your crops and region, then this Heliae® Agriculture Performance Guarantee shall not apply, Heliae® Agriculture will have no further obligation hereunder, and you will not be entitled to make any claim under this Heliae® Agriculture Performance Guarantee. Participants must promptly let Heliae® Agriculture know of the occurrence of any of the foregoing events that adversely impacts their crops.