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At Heliae® Agriculture, we know the issues growers face, because we work on the field directly with each grower. Listening to the individual needs we have created a product to produce a solution to multiple agriculture issues.
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Our Sales team and agronomists work on the ground with each customer to collaborate on this new technology to best fit the needs of each particular grower. Ensuring each crop and soil type receives the best application, to safeguard the best results. Starting as farmers ourselves, our products were created with proprietary technologies and have been tested in multiple universities, with a diverse group of growers, and in our own greenhouse.

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PhycoTerra® Improves Crop Performance


PhycoTerra® is a proprietary whole-cell pasteurized liquid product containing algal-based solids produced from microalgae. PhycoTerra® provides organic matter to the soil and improves soil health and aggregation. Registered and ready to sell in the majority of the United States.

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Our success stories on improved marketable quality speak for themselves. Across the country we have seen accounts where growers saw visual differences in product size and development. Also seeing direct effects on bruising, roots, shoots, and post storage firmness.

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PhycoTerra Logo Petals


We meet each grower’s needs, tailoring to the specific crop, region, application convenience, and affordability.


We promise to keep testing and researching.


We respond to data and are always looking to improve our products and your farms.


We value your bottom line, through increasing your marketable yield and extending your shelf life.


We care about the environment; sustainable solutions will always be our focus.


We assist with the soil microbiome, we take care of soil in the most sustainable way.

PhycoTerra Logo Petals


Our Sales team is dedicated to global sales service excellence, located in top agriculture regions across the nation. Select the state from the map below to find the team members nearest your location.
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