Partnership Announcement with Winfield United Canada

On December 4th, Heliae® Agriculture announced a collaboration with WinField United Canada, an agriculture leader focused on long-term sustainability. This partnership will bring new value to ag retailers through assisting growers’ transition to regenerative agriculture practices. Through this collaboration, WinField United Canada will integrate the PhycoTerra® Soil Amendment, a soil microbe food, into their comprehensive product and technology offerings, starting November 19, 2020. To learn more, click the link below.

This partnership and expansion of regenerative agriculture initiatives into Canada will allow our team to provide Canadian growers incremental value focused on soil health, providing an immediate impact today as well as for future generations.

Rethinking Soil Productivity Webinar Canada Breakout Session

To learn more about what regenerative agriculture is, how to get started and to view some recent crop trial data of crops pertinent to Canada, click the link below to watch a previously recorded webinar hosted by Ron Taylor, General Manager of Canada at Heliae® Agriculture. In this session, Ron discusses the advancement of Canadian crops of PhycoTerra® Soil Amendment in an enhanced management program, along with the soil health benefits that every soil type in Canada can gain from the incorporation of specialized microalgae.

RealAg Radio Interview

For a snapshot at who Heliae® Agriculture is and an introduction to our products, click the link to listen to a previously recorded interview with Ron Taylor on the RealAg Radio Show on November 3, 2020. In this interview, Ron speaks about who Heliae is, and how the PhycoTerra® product line is proven to help rejuvenate the life of multiple soil types, with higher levels and diversity of microbial activity, resulting in improved production for Canadian growers.

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