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At Heliae® Agriculture, our goal is to assist distributors with providing quality, sustainable products to their growers. We harness our relationships with the distributor networks, giving them the proper tools for easier understanding of how best our product can assist their grower. We have demonstrated benefits in a variety of crops, regions, and soils. Working directly with growers, we collaborated to bring you PhycoTerra® and PhycoTerra® Organic.
PhycoTerra Distributor On-boarding Kit

On-Boarding Kit

Our distributor partners provide knowledge and products to grower markets. To ensure our distributors can tell the story of PhycoTerra® and PhycoTerra® Organic, we provided a tool kit to increase their knowledge and share our product value. Download marketing material, product labels, SDS sheets, certifications, and more in our resource kit below.

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PhycoTerra® Improves Crop Performance

Improving Crop Performance

PhycoTerra® is a proprietary whole-cell pasteurized liquid product containing algal-based solids produced from microalgae. PhycoTerra® provides organic matter to the soil and improves the soil microbiome and aggregation. Registered and ready to sell in the majority of the United States.

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Improving soil structure, our microalgae technology helps soil retain moisture and improve drainage of all soil types. Soil aggregates become flocculated allowing for better water infiltration, soil drainage, and root growth.

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