PhycoTerra® Melon Trials

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Melons Crop Results

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PhycoTerra Melon Trials

Microbes in your soil are starving for a nutrient-rich, balanced meal. Maximize your melon crop return on investment and yield potential with PhycoTerra® and PhycoTerra® Organic soil microbial food products.

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Recommended Timing

Melons can benefit from PhycoTerra® soil microbial food products being applied at planting and post emergence via side-dress.

Recommended Application

PhycoTerra® 4 qt/ac/application

PhycoTerra® Organic 4 qt/ac/application

Average Crop Performance

PhycoTerra® ROI: 2:1
+240 lb/acre

Application Timing

At planting 30 days post planting via side-dress
PhycoTerra® At plantinggreen drop icon 30 days post planting via side-dressgreen drop icon
PhycoTerra® Organic green drop icon green drop icon

Trial Data for Melons

2020 | USA
Yuma, AZ
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