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Through a series of trials, we saw PhycoTerra®, our proprietary soil amendment improve the relative abundance of beneficial microbes by as much as 3X. Microbes, the key indicator of soil health, may only live days, but is the start to sustainable and regenerative agriculture.


With the application of PhycoTerra®, you can retain the soil that you have, improve the soil that remains, and restore the soil that you have lost. 

Enhanced Soil Performance Improves Almond Establishment

Results after one year with the application of PhycoTerra®, we noted up to a 34% increase in trunk diameter.

Almond Enhanced Soil Performance

Year One Results

  • 25% and 34% increase in trunk diameter for two 75-acre blocks treated with PhycoTerra® Organic compared to their respective control blocks of the same size
  • PhycoTerra® Organic can dramatically improve establishment of tree crops
  • No yield increase in first year of applications. Yield effects in tree crops typically manifest in year 2.

Trial Details

Goal: Improve establishment of 3rd leaf orchard as monitored by trunk diameter


PhycoTerra®  Organic (applied by drip)

Improved Tree Establishment Program

2 qts./acre ~ 2 weeks after petal drop, then every 2 weeks for 4 additional applications

1qt/acre every two weeks for 2 additional applications

3-gal total per acre for the season

Enhanced Key Soil Health Indicators Observed in the Almond Trial

Organic Almond Orchard – Sandy Soil

Aggregate Diameter

Active Carbon

Soil Protein

Increases Almond Size & Yield

After the application PhycoTerra®, we saw an increase return on investment of $573 per acre from the Nonpareil trial and $1199 per acre from the Carmel trial direct result in yield increase. Application Rate – 4 gal PhycoTerra® total for 2019 season. This data was generated after 2 years of applications (2018 and 2019).

Nonpareil: from 25/27 to 23/25 Carmel: from 25/27 to 23/25

PhycoTerra Almond Shell Results

Performance Guarantee

We stand behind our performance. We’re working to improve profitability and soil health while promoting regenerative agriculture!

At Heliae Agriculture we understand there are many challenges farmers and their trusted advisors face when considering something new. Whether it is a product that’s new to them like PhycoTerra® or a new approach to farming like regenerative agriculture.


To help introduce PhycoTerra® products to new growers, we developed the PhycoTerra® Product Performance Guarantee.


The benefits of PhycoTerra® are greatest in your challenging fields. Fields where soil organic matter is low…where abiotic and biotic stress are high…and where crops just aren’t as resilient as they should be. Use PhycoTerra® to help make your average fields perform more like your best-yielding fields.

PhycoTerra Product Performance Guarantee, Almonds

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