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The scientists at Heliae Agriculture, have cultivated microalgae to produce sustainable soil solutions. We have demonstrated benefits in a variety of crops, regions, and soils. Working directly with growers, we collaborated to bring you PhycoTerra® and PhycoTerra® Organic, first-in-class soil microbial food.
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Our patented technology and how we grow it differentiates us and brings our microalgae to the forefront of a sustainable future. Not only does our one of a kind facility provide innovation in technology, but allows for batch testing on every order for maximum safety, exceeding the quality levels established by the leafy green initiative.

Heliae Campus, Gilbert, AZ


Heliae (pronounced “HEE-LEE-AY”) was founded in 2008 and began working in the agriculture industry in 2014. Heliae’s mission is to create sustainable microalgae products and solutions that enhance soil, plant, animal, and human health. We focus on building bridges between the lab and the marketplace, developing both biological and technological platforms necessary to make useful products.

PhycoTerra Logo Petals


Our products are unique, not only due to using microalgae, but also because of our proprietary technology. Heliae blends biological knowledge with engineering prowess. We not only develop high performing products but developed a more efficient mixotrophic growth system.
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Under the right conditions, microalgae is a wondrous organism. This tiny, microscopic even, biological contains nourishing nutrients that are sustainable and safe for soil, plants, animals, fish, and people. The use of algae in agriculture dates back centuries but has essentially been limited to the use of macroalgae (seaweed). Microalgae however are some of the most common organisms on Earth, having adapted to growing in numerous environments, forming an essential part of nearly every ecosystem.


Mixotrophic microalgae have unique properties that lead to better results in terms of plant growth because it harnesses the collective energy of sunlight and carbon feedstock. Harnessing the best from both phototrophic (sunlight-driven) and heterotrophic (other carbon source-reliant) growth systems that result in a product with unique properties. We grow our algae and produce our products in facilities located near Phoenix, Arizona, USA. See what this technology can do for your crops.

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