Upcoming Webinar: Regenerative Synergy: No-till Practices and an Improved Soil Microbiome Produce Results

In an upcoming FREE webinar in partnership with No-Till Farmer, Dr. Karl Wyant, Vice President of Ag Science at Heliae Agriculture, and Lindsay Vicars Supervisor of Ag Science Research at Heliae Agriculture, will spend time introducing the concepts of regenerative agriculture, the soil microbiome, soil health, and soil quality as it relates to no-till practices. They will also extensively describe the three holistic components that serve as the foundation of a good soil management program – chemical, physical, and biological. Additionally, the speakers will walk the audience through the biological management component in detail and describe how growers can leverage new product technologies to produce regenerative synergies in no-till systems. Finally, they will review crop specific case studies that demonstrate how improvements in soil can lead to better yield and quality at harvest while also regenerating the soil in a no-till system.

This is a webinar you won’t want to miss! Register today by clicking the link below.