Grower Evaluating Soil Health

The Secret is in the Soil

Soils are filled with microbial life and are critically important to agriculture and food production. Being a main driver of nutrients, they play a vital role in the establishment and productivity of crops. With a nourished soil microbiome, plants see benefits such as an increase in active carbon in the soil, which improves water efficiency and water retention, thus allowing the grower to use less water. This leads to stronger root growth, ultimately resulting in higher yields.

Through extensive research and development led by specialized scientists and engineers, Heliae® Agriculture has developed an innovative and sustainable plant-based soil microbial food, PhycoTerra® that vastly improves agricultural soil. By harnessing the unique nutrient-filled power of microalgae, PhycoTerra® naturally increases, nourishes and balances the overall soil microbiome. With the improved soil made possible by PhycoTerra®, crops gain a natural resilience to common industry stressors, have healthier and stronger roots, experience longer shelf life, and see increased yields.

“Sustainable farming is the future of agriculture,” said Doug Ranno, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Heliae® Agriculture. “Environmentally friendly, renewable soil microbial foods like PhycoTerra® are critical not only for ensuring the present and future nutrients and vitamins of the soil, roots, crops and environment, but also for addressing concerns such as water shortages from droughts. The rapid improvements that PhycoTerra® naturally makes to the soil structure result in dramatic enhancements to water efficiency.”

PhycoTerra® has been extensively tested with a variety of soil types and crop stressors on over 40 soil-grown crops, including brassicas, onions, cotton, corn, leafy greens, legumes, berries, melons and nuts. In addition to rigorous testing and validations through university-lead field and greenhouse trials, positive results have also been seen in hundreds of successful grower trials throughout the United States.

“Our growers have seen remarkable improvements to product yields on a variety of crops,” said Ranno. “Not only are growers seeing higher yields in terms of quantity—some with an increase of up to 18-20%— they are also seeing improved product quality and reduction to post-harvest bruising and water loss, leading to extended shelf life for fruits and vegetables.”

Available in conventional and organic formulations, all PhycoTerra® products are pasteurized and batch tested to ensure maximum product safety. To learn more, please visit or call (800) 998-6536.