PhycoTerra Assisting Global Agriculture Today

PhycoTerra® Assisting Global Agriculture Issues Today

⊷ With the industry moving away from products like Methyl Bromide, a grower’s best strategy is to create healthy soil

⊷ Increased need for sustainable farming practices

⊷ Biological products are a viable strategy against higher ground costs

⊷ Dirty water run-off costs growers money & positive perception

⊷ Organic food consumption is impacting both organic & conventional growing strategy

⊷ More crop weight is a critical value point in competitive markets

⊷ A grower’s ability to capture early labor crews & higher dollar early markets is key

⊷ Biological products that improve soil are an important part of the solution for growers vs common crop stressors

⊷ Water is becoming a scarce resource

⊷ Biological products are projected at 12.9 billion globally by 2022