You may order PhycoTerra® by calling us at (800) 998-6536, sending us an email at phycoterra@heliae.com, or by filling out this form. Pricing for PhycoTerra® can vary depending on quantity, packaging and other factors. Please contact us for details and current pricing.

Heliae is seeking distributors to join in the launch of PhycoTerra®. Opportunities exist across the United States and abroad for established distributors and ambitious individuals with sales and service experience with a solid background and love of agriculture. Please contact us for details and help us usher in the microalgae revolution.


Still not convinced? Contact us to talk about participating in a field trial. Trial participation includes access to staged product discounts up to full reimbursement and/or additional payment in exchange for data gathering and reporting. Please call, email, or respond via the form above if becoming a trial participant is of interest to you.