The use of algae in agriculture dates back centuries, but has essentially been limited to the use of macroalgae (seaweed and seaweed-derived products).  In contrast, the organisms that power PhycoTerra® are microalgae.

Microalgae are some of the most common organisms on the Earth, having adapted to growing in numerous environments and forming an essential part of nearly every ecosystem on the planet including productive soils.  Microalgae help sustain the soil microbes that associate with plant roots.

PhycoTerra® is made from stabilized open mixotrophic microalgal cultures.  Mixotrophic microalgae have unique properties that lead to better results in terms of plant growth.  See our production page to learn more about how we produce PhycoTerra®.

Our results demonstrate that PhycoTerra® unlocks the potential of soil and plants in a unique and powerful way.

We grow the microalgae that powers PhycoTerra® mixotrophically; a non-traditional algal growth system. We then apply a unique pasteurization process, different than that used on traditional human-consumed products, enabling the stabilization of the microalgae yet the maintenance of its benefits. Microalgae is a major component of most soils and play a key role in the natural soil microbiome. While much remains to be learned about how microalgae helps plants grow, we know that PhycoTerra® provides an excellent source of organic matter to soil bacteria commonly associated with vigorous growth in crops and other plants.