PhycoTerra® is produced through a proprietary microalgae culture growth platform, which is the result of several years of combined biological research and advanced engineering.

PhycoTerra® contains microalgae grown mixotrophically. Mixotrophy is a production platform which harnesses the collective energy of sunlight and carbon feedstocks. Harnessing the best from both phototrophic (sunlight-driven) and heterotrophic (other carbon source-reliant) growth systems results in a product with unique properties, which has been demonstrated to result in superior plant growth efficacy, and that has remarkably higher cell densities compared to traditional production systems.

Our team grows select microalgal cultures under optimal conditions, then harvests and processes the culture biomass to the full concentration that powers PhycoTerra®. We blend this highly concentrated material with other ingredients to make a stable formulation ready for application through conventional irrigation systems. This production and formulation technology provides a stabilized product that meets established quality specifications.